House of Italy – your specialist, if you are an Italian company and are
- searching for a distribution platform for the promotion of your outstanding products and services in Switzerland
- wishing to settle down in Switzerland and in this regard need a comprehensive service package
- looking for in-depth knowledge on economic, political and social issues concerning Switzerland.
We offer you comprehensive support from a single source for your projects in Switzerland – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Switzerland is an ideal business location as it offers excellent conditions:
- Stable political and economic conditions
- Low tax burden for companies
- First class infrastructure
- Uncomplicated company founding thanks to a clear, efficient legal system
- High level in the area of education, research and innovation
- Flexible labour market with high productivity

House of Italy is a non-profit association based in Basel. It is supported by companies and personalities with an Italian background. With our services, we strive to give Italy and Switzerland new economic impulses and contribute to the dissemination of Italian culture and language.
To take advantage of our services, no membership in the association is required.
House of Italy is a private initiative. The association is supported by companies and personalities with an Italian background.