Thanks to the significant network of relationships of the members of House of Italy, we can enable the promotion of knowledge and culture in a new dimension.

Italian, the Language of a Country and of Culture
In the beginning was the Word. Italian is not only one of the four national languages in Switzerland, but also a language of culture par excellence. Whether in music, literature or art in general, the Italian language is present everywhere. It is the wish of House of Italy that the Italian language as a culture medium may enjoy a reasonable perception outside of Italy, in accordance with its importance.

World Cultural Heritage Italy

Italy has one of the largest shares of the world cultural heritage. Much is known to the general public – some still remains hidden to it. So, we commonly know Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Dante Alighieri and many more. Less well known is the legacy of Frederick II, the Biblioteca Malatestiana, the Biblioteca Guarneriana, the Fondazione Stradivari and more.
House of Italy is willing to make this immense cultural heritage accessible to a wider audience outside of Italy. For this purpose, it will organise and decisively support events, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and also readings.

Plattform Kulturschaffende
Platform for Italian Cultural Workers

The Italian world cultural heritage inspires in a large extent the Italian citizens. House of Italy is committed to the Italian cultural tradition and offers Italian cultural professionals a platform for the dissemination of Italian culture and language.

Knowledge Transformation

The globalisation process allows many people, who generate knowledge, to spread across the globe. Many Italians are active in important functions worldwide. Switzerland, a privileged place for the implementation of science and knowledge, is one of the favourite destinations of these people. House of Italy would like to act as a transformer and support the return flow of knowledge in the country of origin.

The cultural exchange is a key pillar of House of Italy, as it is aware that cultural contamination has always been the engine of civilisation processes.